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Top Ten Things An HS Patient Needs From A Health Care Provider

by Donna Atherton, Editor-in-Chief

Here are a few insights that doctors can do to help an HS patient in their treatment.  Remember, you define your HS, and that includes treatment!

  1. Attention: The patient may have been the 28th patient you’ve seen today, and out of the 28 you have seen 4 other HS patients; but to the patient, their care is personal. Every HS patient’s care is different! 
  2. Compassion: Be diligent in its application.
  3. Time: A few moments of your undivided time is some of the strongest medicine you'll ever administer—and it costs so very little.
  4. Respect: The patient is also a part-time bookkeeper, psychologist, dietitian, insurance and pain expert, and a full-time general in the war they are waging with this illness. They not only need your respect, but they also DESERVE it. 
  5. Dedication: Be relentless in your devotion to your craft. The patient has entrusted you with their most valuable asset—themselves. You earn that trust with your skill, knowledge base, and ability.  
  6. Honesty: The patient is your partner in this endeavor; they deserve (and can handle) the truth. 
  7. Prudence: The graceful administration of the truth is a true test of a caring professional. 
  8. Advocacy: Never accept less than the best your system has to offer the patient. 
  9. Understanding: The patient plays a pivotal role in their well-being; understanding their needs, wishes, and fears of improving your patient's care.
  10. Your well-being: Know your emotional limit and learn when to ask for help. Your loved ones as well as the patient need you to remain well.

Stay well,

Dr. Donna 


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