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HS Disease

Hidradenitis Suppurativa Prognosis

The prognosis is very variable. Not everyone progresses from stage 1 to stage 3.

For many affected people, hidradenitis suppurativa is a painful and debilitating condition. It has a tendency to flare up regularly, gradually causing more problems. Deep scarring and formation of tunnels (channels), called sinus tracts, are not uncommon.

Some people have mild (stage 1) disease only. Early surgical treatment can (in some cases) cure the disease and stop it from returning. In rare cases, the condition goes away on its own without treatment.

The condition can prevent normal working and social activities (for example, swimming). Psychological problems are common, as are difficulties in sexual relationships. These problems can either be directly due to the pain and messiness of the condition or to embarrassment and body image problems. As a result, it can cause a less good quality of life.

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