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Health care providers play a critical role in helping patients access care from their health plans

As a health care provider, you have the information needed to explain to an insurance company a patient's condition, medical history, and the importance of prescribed medication. If a claim for treatment is denied, you may need to write a letter of medical necessity and/or call a patient's health plan provider as part of an appeals process.

To assist your patients in getting the appropriate care to treat their hidradenitis suppurativa, here's a list of resources to help you work with health insurance companies.

    •    Patient Support Center - Personalized and ongoing support through each step of the appeals process

    •    Sample letters  Examples of sample letters for health care practitioners and patients

    •    Medicaid Advocacy Guide  Information on how to advocate for Medicaid patients in your state needing access to the full range of available treatments

    •    Patient access to care Resources for your patients to navigate the health care system

    •    AAD Guidelines of care for hidradenitis suppurativa

If you need assistance, please contact the Patient Support Center by email at or call (866) 204-8566.  Advocate with us. The International Association of Hidradenitis Suppurativa Network, Inc. works closely on a number of patient access and practice issues, including step therapy, out-of-pocket costs, narrow networks, physician tiering, reimbursement, and coding. These efforts have resulted in significant wins for both patients and providers. To learn more about these efforts and to join us in advocacy, contact us at

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