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For Parents

Sample Parent Letter about hidradenitis suppurativa disease to School Principal, Teacher or School Nurse 



Dear [insert name of principal, teacher or school nurse}:


As a parent of a [insert name of school] student affected by hidradenitis suppurativa (HS).  I would like to let you know more about the disease and how it impacts my son/daughter, [insert name of child].  It’s possible you may not have had a student with hidradenitis suppurativa before. Hidradenitis suppurativa affects more than 1 million people in the U.S.   Hidradenitis Suppurativa is a noncontagious disease that affects the skin. HS afflicts as many as four percent of the population (potentially 30 million people), yet is rarely discussed or studied.

Hidradenitis Suppurativa causes inflammation under the breast, buttocks, under the arm, the groin area, and in more extreme cases, some people experience symptoms on their face, neck, scalp, and back.  Skin affected by hidradenitis produces nodules that can be the size of a pea to a size of a softball.  This skin inflammation causes lesions that itch, causing pain and redness, and is filled with pus with consistent drainage and blood.  In addition to physical effects, emotions may shift or change.  Some days may be easier for my child than others depending on how he/she feels. How [insert name of child] typically feels includes: 

[insert how hidradenitis suppurativa makes your child feel.] 

There are triggers that may cause [insert name of child]’s hidradenitis suppurativa to flare.  These include heat and stress and other factors. [Insert name of child] may need to take medication at school or miss school when not feeling well or if he/she needs to see the doctor.  On days when [insert name of child] is not at school, he/she wants to keep up and I may request take-home assignments. I hope you will be willing to work with me. With your help [insert name of child] can be just as successful and happy as other kids in your class.

If you want additional information for school staff about someone with hidradenitis suppurativa, please go to  Thank you for your time and for giving me the chance to tell you about [insert name of child]’s hidradenitis suppurativa.  If you have any questions please contact me at [insert phone number or email address]. 





[insert parent name]

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